Traffic Management Systems

Supporting the operator in reducing congestion and maximising network efficiency


Imtech’s capability in Urban Traffic Management and Control forms an integrated part of a wider congestion and integrated network management and information system approach. The UTC system can be integrated with other systems such as Common Databases, bus priority, variable message signs and CCTV to exchange data and provide meaningful information to the travelling public.

UTMC – Urban Traffic Management and Control, is a DfT initiative leading to open traffic management solutions. Imtech has been actively involved in this programme since day one, a role that is fully supported by our latest products and software. We have supplied UTMC compliant systems and components to many customers since the initiative began. With a vast number of Imtech Traffic Management Systems (TMS) supplied worldwide, operating several thousands of signal junctions; Imtech applies vast knowledge and experience to solve all manner of urban traffic management challenges.


As a joint developer of the renowned SCOOT algorithm for adaptive traffic control, and as a member of the UTMC Supplier's Forum, Imtech is at the forefront of all the latest developments in the UTC arena.

Our UG405 UTMC compliant outstation, Chameleon®, is capable of providing the interface to junction and pedestrian controllers under a variety of operational modes including UTC, remote monitoring, MOVA or a mixture of different control strategies.

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